YouTube SEO Drives Traffic, Viewers, and New Subscribers




The Situation

In Q1 2022, Infinity was charged with making improvements on a B2B client’s YouTube page. The goal was to draft best practices for video descriptions, titles, and keywords to drive relevant viewers and new subscribers.

The Solution

Infinity’s SEO team performed keyword research and optimized descriptions and titles of the videos based on trends in search and popular web traffic keywords.

The team also set standards and best practices including:

  • Formulate titles based on keyword trends – both popular and new keywords to gain new rankings
  • Utilize backlinks to drive referral traffic
  • Increase copy in the description to drive more SEO results within YouTube

The Results

Metric reporting saw an increase roughly 2-3 weeks after we completed implementations.

From April 14-May 11, their YouTube channel received:

  • 813 views – a record increase of +353 views
  • 15.2 hours of watch time – a record number of hours watched by 5.2 hours
  • 9.9K impressions, 11% more than previous period
  • 443 unique viewers, 14 more than previous period
  • Added 7 new subscribers


Of the total 9.9K impressions over the time period:

  • 75.9% came from YouTube recommending our content to users, a 10% increase compared to the previous period
  • 5.8% of total YouTube traffic was acquired through external sources
  • 61.7% of which was acquired through organic Google search, leading the user to the YouTube channel

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