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Video Series Drives Brand Awareness + Recruitment for Stevens Aerospace


Stevens Aerospace



The Situation

Since 1950, the people of Stevens Aerospace have been delivering unrivaled aviation expertise with a personal touch that truly sets the company apart. In November 2022, Stevens partnered with Infinity to conceptualize and produce a series of employee spotlight videos at the Greenville, South Carolina, service center. These videos were designed to drive brand awareness, provide light recruitment support, and highlight the people that make Stevens’ approach to aircraft maintenance, refurbishment, and repair so special.

The Solution

As one of the most trusted names in aviation, the Stevens team knew they wanted to leverage video to highlight the people who helped the company earn their 70-year reputation. But with another high-priority video series on the verge of entering preproduction, they needed an efficient and cost-effective solution to bring these spotlights to life.

Additionally, since these videos would be presented to numerous audiences on a variety of platforms, they needed to achieve several key goals simultaneously:

  • First, they needed to communicate Stevens’ capabilities and underscore what makes the business unique within the industry


  • Second, the series needed to seamlessly support recruitment efforts by emphasizing what makes Stevens a great place to work without becoming overtly recruitment-focused videos


  • Lastly, the b-roll needed to visually establish Stevens as a best-in-class service center by highlighting their pristine aircraft hangar and the capabilities of their people


By working closely with the Stevens team during the preproduction process, Infinity developed a compressed shoot schedule that enabled four full-length interviews with accompanying b-roll in a single half-day shoot — more than enough footage for four 30-second to one-minute videos and four 15-second cutdowns. Infinity writers collaborated with Stevens to develop a tailored interview questionnaire that provided ample opportunity for employees to explain why they love what they do and where they do it.

During production, it quickly became clear that the real challenge with these videos would be in deciding which of the many compelling moments would make the final cuts. The warmth and charm of the Stevens team were undeniable, and each interviewee brought a unique perspective to the table, which resulted in a powerful series that checked all the right boxes.

The Results

Our team successfully delivered a robust series of eight videos from a single half-day shoot, with enough unused footage to deliver additional videos if needed. The Stevens team was thrilled with the final results, most notably Infinity’s ability to deliver compelling, high-quality videos on a compressed shoot schedule.

Two new video shoots to capture additional employee spotlights at Stevens’ Dayton, OH and Nashville, TN locations are currently in the works for later in 2023.

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