Tindall Kicks Off 60-Year Anniversary Celebration with Commemorative Video


Tindall Corporation



The Situation

In the fall of 2022, Tindall Corporation, one of the nation’s largest producers of precast concrete building systems and infrastructure solutions, invited the Infinity team to brainstorm ways to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary in 2023. During the initial ideation phase, one particular concept captured the imaginations of both the Tindall and Infinity teams. The idea was simple: Create an interview-style video capturing an open, introspective, and genuine conversation between Greg Force, Tindall’s Chief Executive Officer, and Willy Lowndes, Tindall’s Chairman, Treasurer, and son of the company’s founder, William Lowndes III.

The Solution

As the discovery and ideation phases for Tindall’s 60th anniversary continued, the concept quickly grew from a single video to a year-long, content-fueled celebration. However, the interview between Greg and Willy remained the perfect way to kick off 2023. The conversation offered a unique opportunity to hear the story of Tindall’s founder and learn about the company’s growth from two people who have made a lasting and undeniable impact on the people, products, and processes that make Tindall what it is today.

To maximize the impact of the conversation, the video was shot in front of a window within the Spartanburg County Public Libraries, which overlooked the new Spartanburg County Courthouse, an in-progress Tindall project just minutes from the company’s corporate headquarters and original South Carolina location.

The questionnaire for the interview was designed to capture the unique perspective of each person, gaining insights from Willy about what it was like to grow up with Tindall, and hearing from Greg about Tindall’s growth under his and Mr. Lowndes’ leadership. However, the magic of interviews isn’t found in the careful preproduction, the setting, or the camera placement — it’s found in the unexpected moments, interactions, and stories that appear when two people sit down and have a great conversation.

Our team was delighted to capture moments of humor, reflection, humility, and a genuine sense of awe and appreciation for what Tindall has become.

The Results

In the end, the Infinity team created a video that captured the heart of Greg and Willy’s conversation, including rarely told stories of Tindall’s origin, heartwarming reflections on Mr. Lowndes, and moments of humor that made the conversation feel real (which it was). Many of the interactions between Greg and Willy were represented in their entirety with limited cuts, further highlighting the video’s authenticity.

The Tindall team was proud to share this meaningful conversation as a way to kick off their 60th-anniversary celebration, and the video received high praise from internal team members, partners, and customers. We’re honored to have been in the room to hear these stories and for the opportunity to help Tindall celebrate such a momentous occasion.

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