Tindall's Texas-Sized Direct Mail Campaign Gets a 40% Response Rate


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Tindall Corporation asked Infinity Marketing to develop a strategic direct mail campaign to help promote their newest precast, prestressed concrete production facility in San Antonio, Texas. The construction landscape in this area was highly competitive, so the primary challenge was to create a mailer capable of grabbing the attention of time-impoverished executives. The goal was to present these executives with something that informed them about Tindall, made them question the efficacy of their current building methods, and inspired them to set up a meeting.



Our solution was a multi-phased direct mail campaign that targeted high-value prospects in Texas. Recognizing that regular, everyday mail could easily be waylaid by a secretary, Infinity elected to mail a box that was big enough to get past a gatekeeper. The exterior of the box featured Tindall branding and the package itself had a surprising amount of heft to it. Inside was a concrete lamp and a notecard that encouraged the reader to consider precast as a bright idea. The base of the lamp was etched with the Tindall logo, and the package also included a large Edison bulb.

The lamp was chosen for two reasons. First, it was a high-quality gift that reflected Tindall’s commitment to quality. Second, the recipient would be unlikely to simply throw away such an interesting item. The Tindall logo had the potential to remind the recipient to consider precast for months, if not years, to come.

The next phase of the direct mail campaign aimed to build on this surprise and delight by delivering something that the target may have never received before — a high-quality video brochure. The exterior of the brochure featured messaging about precast’s ability to bring creative visions to life. Once opened, it revealed a screen that automatically played a video introducing Tindall to the new market. The video assured the viewer that, although new to the area, Tindall had been in the precast industry for years. This helped position Tindall as an innovative, reliable company that focused on integrity and getting the job done right.

The final phase was follow-up calls to prospects. This direct mail campaign received a remarkable 40% response rate. This enabled the sales team to schedule 14 new business meetings to discuss potential multimillion-dollar construction projects. This campaign won several awards, including two MarCom Gold Awards and an AAF Silver Award.

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