Creating an Effective Dashboard for Tindall's Data Management


Tindall Corporation




Infinity was tasked with improving Tindall’s data management by showing aggregated sales and project details across the company’s divisions to provide increased visibility into their diverse portfolio. With multiple divisions across the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and South-Central United States, data management best practices and standardizations needed to be implemented and enforced to ensure consistency and uniformity enterprise wide. These standardizations could help improve the company’s data integrity and allow for a comprehensive dashboard view that the client desired.



Infinity studied the complexities of the CRM platform used by Tindall’s internal team to track leads and booked projects. We worked closely with Tindall’s leadership team to identify fields that were critical to understanding media effectiveness and sales metrics by division. We then dove deeper into the data and identified common discrepancies and gaps across all divisions. To prevent this is the future, we created required fields within the CRM platform that were communicated to the sales team as a new standard process.

After comparing monthly sales reporting, several other issues became apparent, leading to more process overhauls that improved efficiency and communication. We provided Tindall 24/7 access to daily media performance metrics at a granular level, giving their teams the ability to measure campaign effectiveness against sales goals by tracking everything visually in one place.

This collaboration clarified the benefit of strict and consistent data management processes for Tindall, created a standardized process for data management, and eventually led to an effective visual dashboard that provided better insights for program optimizations.

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