The Ultimate SEO Strategy: How We Pushed Tindall to the #1 Spot


Tindall Corporation




Tindall Corporation partnered with Infinity Marketing to develop and launch a new Tindall website — — complete with a revamped design, new photography, navigation, messaging, and of course, search engine optimization (SEO). It was important that this website reached as many users as the company was capable of serving, and that meant that SEO was a critical factor.



Our goal for SEO with Tindall was to create a site full of rich content that could be easily found by users. Infinity embarked on a detailed web discovery process that included a full web audit, SEO audit, and a deep dive into Tindall’s competitive landscape. The SEO audit revealed challenges in basic SEO elements that would need to be addressed in order for Tindall to be competitive. Primarily, all of the page titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags, and keywords would need to be edited and revised for the new website.

Once the new website launched, all the SEO research and implementation needed to be monitored to ensure the site goals were being met and that the SEO strategy was effective. As part of Tindall’s regular site maintenance, we incorporated detailed analytics and regular SEO content creation to meet these goals.

Within one month of launching, it was clear that the strategy and hard work were paying off. For organic search, Tindall held seven keywords in the number one position on Google, 13 keywords on the first page of Google, and 20 keywords on the first five pages of Google. By the time six months had passed, Tindall had seven keywords in the number one position, 19 keywords on the first page, and 25 keywords on the first five pages.

We helped Tindall achieve their goal of promoting their broad range of services and increasing traffic, and they witnessed increases in overall users, new users to the site, website sessions, and number of sessions per user. The Tindall website won a Marcom Gold Award and a W3 Silver Award.

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