An Integrated Approach to Lead Acquisition for The Cliffs


The Cliffs




The Cliffs, one of the premier private golf communities in the world, sought Infinity Marketing’s expertise to develop an integrated direct response campaign to increase brand awareness and generate high-quality leads for the membership sales team. The Cliffs has seven world-class golf clubs in communities across the western Carolinas, and their campaign strategy was to expand their membership base by accepting non-property owners for the first time.



After robust strategic planning, we developed a multi-tactic lead generation campaign designed to drive traffic to a new membership website, capture leads, and generate phone inquiries. The campaign utilized video, direct mail, e-blasts, enhanced website features, digital banners, and more.

The multi-enclosure, two-step direct mail campaign was designed to promote The Cliffs’ membership benefits, focusing on targeted messaging and rich imagery. The mailer also featured high production values, including the use of stitching and foil stamping. The design concept was predicated on conveying the high standards and exclusiveness of this special offer.

This lead generation campaign proved to be a success. All deliverables worked in concert to boost brand awareness, promote customer engagement, and increase golf membership leads.

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