Tailored SEO Boosts Traffic by 867% for NHE Properties





The Situation

When NHE Inc., a regional leader in multifamily property management based in Greenville, SC, wanted to increase traffic to their collection of property websites, they called in the SEO team at Infinity to develop a customized approach.

The Solution

To develop our SEO strategy, we began by doing a deep dive into NHE’s individual property websites and identifying a set of long-term goals for the client. With the overarching goal of increasing traffic, we selected three benchmarks by which to measure improvement across all of the property websites: 

  1. Increase monthly organic traffic 
  2. Boost keyword visibility  
  3. Prioritize location-based SEO 

In Q1 of 2021, we began by evaluating local SEO for five properties and developing an SEO strategy for each location. This process included identifying local SEO listing services, optimizing location-based pages, conducting a Google My Business audit for each property, and updating image alt tags for all sites. After that, we began optimizing priority property home pages for content and target keywords, as well as optimizing meta descriptions, title tags, and images across the sites. Finally, we reviewed all sites for duplicate content and conducted both on- and off-page technical reviews. In Q2 and Q3, we continued to leverage this strategy for the remaining properties, following the same formula for new property landing pages.  

One of the keys to this SEO strategy’s success was conducting geo-targeted and competitor keyword research. We optimized each site based on competitor gap keywords and consistently updated content based on trending searches. We also helped improve each site’s overall health through technical SEO recommendations and off-page listing optimizations for each property.  

The Results

By November 2021, our SEO strategy helped multiple NHE properties see substantial growth in several key performance metrics. One priority property saw 985% keyword growth from January to November. Another property saw an 867% boost in non-branded traffic YoY, while a third saw a 388% increase in organic traffic. 

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