Strategic SEO and Content Drive Growth for Quext





The Situation

Quext is a Texas-based apartment technology company that’s reimagining how multifamily properties operate, market, and help their residents stay connected. But with a host of never-before-seen products and a niche target audience, Quext had one major challenge ahead of them. How do you boost authority, increase visibility, and drive traffic to your website when your audience doesn’t know they need your products? That’s when the Infinity SEO team came on board to help find the answer.

The Solution

Our SEO team started by collaborating with the Quext team to identify three long-term goals for the website.

  1. Increase site traffic
  2. Develop a keyword strategy
  3. Monitor trending topics and develop content based on SEO research

With the plan in place, we kicked off Q1 of 2021 by developing a keyword strategy centered around non-branded keywords, including short- and long-tail keywords, as well as snippet opportunities for position zero on Google. We then leveraged this research to develop quarterly blog topics based on trending terms. After that, we optimized image alt tags for blog images, performed a technical SEO sweep of the site, and looked for backlinking opportunities between Quext’s parent company’s websites.

In Q2, we shifted our focus toward Quext’s products. By homing in on one product each quarter, we could optimize new and existing content across the site based on competitive and non-branded keyword research to drive traffic. We also sought out additional on-page optimization opportunities, helped develop quarterly research-based blog topics, and continued searching for backlinking and interlinking opportunities.

By the third quarter, our mission was to maintain our ongoing strategy while keeping a sharp eye out for technical issues, new trends, and opportunities for optimization. We also created a blog view within our analytics dashboard for streamlined reporting and metrics, and we installed Hotjar to gain valuable data about user behavior.

The Results

By November 2021, our SEO and content strategy helped Quext see a 1,973% keyword growth. Quext’s top-10 SERP keywords rose six positions on Google, and target keywords saw an average SERP increase of 17.5. 

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