Strategic Content Drives Quality Traffic for Lima One Capital


Lima One Capital



The Situation

When Lima One Capital, the nation’s premier lender for real estate investors, wanted to boost organic traffic to their website, they tapped the SEO team at Infinity for support. After conducting a deep dive into the client’s existing SEO and content strategies, the solution for increasing visibility and driving new users to the website was clear — develop fresh, impactful, and fully optimized long-form content.

The Solution

Our SEO team’s action plan for Lima One Capital in 2021 consisted of three primary goals: Increase non-branded search visibility, boost organic traffic, and develop an aggressive strategy for improving the client’s domain authority score. To hit these milestones, we knew that geo-targeting, UX, and consistent content creation would play major roles in our strategy. 

We started by performing a thorough backlink audit, reviewing historical data from Lima One’s blogs, and researching the competitive landscape to identify new and trending content topics. After that, we established a keyword strategy for four of the client’s service offerings within 10 geos. We then created a plan to present multiple recommended blog topics each month, including content templates and data for approved topics. Once written, our SEO team collaborated with Lima One to conduct a final review of each article for any additional optimizations and conduct post-launch blog actions to ensure articles were properly indexed and technically sound. We set up keyword tracking for the geo-targeted keywords we identified and continued to review both blog and social content for optimization opportunities throughout the year.  

This strategy focused primarily on the development of new, long-form content, but another key to its success was reaching out, connecting, and sharing relevant content with established content creators to gain useful, relevant backlinks. Additionally, each blog template included on-page SEO recommendations, and our team provided UI/UX optimizations for Lima One’s blog and case studies pages to further enhance performance. 

The Results

They say that content is king, and the results of our content-driven strategy for Lima One Capital certainly back them up. By November 2021, the Lima One website saw 34,000 new users — an 81% increase YoY.  Our backlink strategy helped the client gain 38,000 new backlinks, a 980% increase YoY, and non-branded search traffic rose 46%. We also saw Lima One’s top 10 non-branded keywords increase by 41%. 

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