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Stevens Aerospace Current Situation

Graphic depicting how showcasing their people and intuitive design led to setting the Stevens Aerospace website apart from competitors.

Stevens Aerospace came to Infinity Marketing with the goal of enhancing its existing website. As a well-established aerospace MRO with multiple locations and over 70 years of industry experience, their site already contained a lot of valuable information. Still, Stevens saw an opportunity to update and design a website to better showcase their unique selling points: their people and the personal service they offer to each of their customers. With a goal of improving the user experience through sleek, clean, and intuitive web design enhancements, we set out to design a website that effectively highlights what sets Stevens apart from the rest.

The Solution

Graphic showing where minimizing clutter, using an approachable tone, and applying easily accessible and user-friendly sliders can be applied to improve a website.

We started by analyzing how Stevens Aerospace users were interacting with the website using Hotjar heatmaps and session recording data. By understanding what was effective and what needed improvement, we could prioritize our efforts and make adjustments to optimize the user experience. This involved:

  • Making information more easily accessible by introducing user-friendly sliders.
  • Showcasing services more prominently on aircraft pages to reduce clicks and make for a smoother user experience.
  • Revamping the homepage layout to minimize clutter and make it easier for users to skim.
  • Polishing the messaging and revising the copy to be more value-driven and infusing it with warmth and clarity to keep the tone approachable.

Updating and designing a website to address key issues in the user experience was important, but we also wanted to make the website feel more friendly and personal. To do this, we took a clean approach to the design and incorporated pictures of Stevens Aerospace employees wherever possible. In addition, we adopted a conversational and friendly copy style to communicate the trademark Stevens Aerospace warmth. By including more team-focused content alongside a revamped format housing their experience and information, we aimed to shape the website into a platform capable of highlighting service excellence and emphasizing the company’s commitment to building strong client relationships.

The Result

Graphic showing the statistics of Stevens Aerospace’s engagement after Infinity enhanced and updated their website.

Compared to a roughly two-month period prior to the launch of the new website design, Stevens Aerospace noticed significant improvements in several areas:

  • 38% increase in total page views
  • 18% increase in total views per user
  • 249% increase in total link clicks
  • 31% increase in total events
  • 47% increase in email contact clicks
  • 173% increase in average engagement time w/ Services page

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