Brand Building from the Ground Up: Our StayLock Storage Strategy


StayLock Storage



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Cequel III approached Infinity Marketing with a project to build a brand from the ground up for a new storage company it was creating. For this challenge, our team needed to create every element of the client’s brand, including the name, logo, brand colors, and the initial launch materials package.



The first step was to do a deep dive into the competitive landscape. Here, the team researched names and logos that were already in use, popular brand colors, and wordmarks versus brandmarks. This detailed analysis provided key insights into how a name and logo could be developed in a way that set the business apart from established players in the category. After much consideration, the name “StayLock Storage” was created and selected.

Next, it was time to bring it all together. Building on the StayLock Storage name, the creative team believed it was important to tie the concept of a simple lock into the logo. This familiar shape was the perfect representation of the core attributes that the StayLock brand was hoping to convey. After many lockups and much fine-tuning, the current StayLock Storage logo and brand colors were adopted.

In 2018, the StayLock Storage logo won a Service Industry Advertising Gold Award.


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