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Infinity Marketing worked with SSM Health to deliver full-service, integrated digital and traditional media plans across its multi-state footprint, all while optimizing the campaign through detailed analytics. SSM Health runs successful Weight Management and Bariatrics programs across many of its regional hospital systems. In one particular region, Weight Management extends services to children. However, insurance does not always cover bariatric surgery for children, and it is a sensitive topic of conversation that requires strategic decision-making at every turn.



During the discovery process, Infinity learned that the digital tactics would need to be targeted, sensitive to the topic, and more personalized than a traditional display ad. To achieve these goals, we needed to carefully plan and monitor the efficacy of each tactic through our suite of powerful analytics tools.

We promoted a series of three articles on the topic of pediatric weight management through native ads — something that had not previously been explored for SSM Health. The articles focused on a range of topics surrounding childhood obesity and bariatric surgery as a solution to weight loss for severely obese children. What started out as a test for the client became one of the most successful quarterly performances for a new tactic that SSM Health had experienced. After launching two of the three articles, our analytics dashboards quickly showed that both were performing exceptionally well. The blended click-through-rate (CTR) was four times above the benchmark.

Another win within the performance metrics was demonstrated by the click and CTR trends relative to the cost-per-click (CPC). As clicks and CTR increased, CPC decreased, signifying optimal and efficient performance. The CPC was also 23% less than the industry benchmark CPC. We helped SSM Health achieve their goal by carefully monitoring tactics with our robust suite of analytics tools, maximizing the campaign every step of the way.


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