Setting Expectations: Award-Winning Video Helps Tindall Tackle Recruitment


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Tindall was facing a serious challenge with finding and retaining qualified employees to meet the demands of their growing portfolio of precast, prestressed concrete projects. They discovered that the primary reason for their turnover was that new production employees resigning soon after their hire, typically in a matter of weeks. There seemed to be a misconception that production employees simply poured concrete all day, and many were surprised to discover how physically demanding the production environment truly was. To address this misperception and improve the quality of incoming candidates, Tindall brought in Infinity to create a video that would help recruit production employees and set accurate expectations during orientation.


This video needed to strike a delicate balance between honestly presenting the challenges that new production employees would face and highlighting the significant benefits of a long-term career at Tindall. To accomplish this, we challenged the viewer by asking, “Are you tough enough to work here?” We focused on delivering the narrative through short clips that capture the grittiness of the environment and used a powerful music track to drive the transitions and flow from shot to shot.

In the end, this video successfully and powerfully presented the story that Tindall wanted to tell, setting realistic expectations and leading to an overall improvement in Tindall’s recruiting efforts. It was shared via a paid social campaign that generated 153,768 impressions during its run, with an average completion rate of 92 percent. This project has since won six industry awards, including a Gold SIA Award, a Gold Marcom Award, and a Silver Telly Award.


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