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Robinson Funeral Home, a family owned and operated business since 1875, wanted to update and modernize their branding. With multiple locations and websites, it was important to Robinson to have a united and modern brand presence that still reflected their spirit of serving and supporting their clients with sensitivity and respect. Infinity Marketing knew that elevating the Robinson Funeral Home brand to its full potential would require taking a fresh look at their logo, messaging, and website.



The first step to establishing the tone of Robinson’s updated brand was modernizing their logo to create something that worked both digitally and in print. Our team created a new design with many of the same qualities of the original, reworking the existing laurel leaf and script to a cleaner and simpler design. The new logo was easier to read and more memorable.

Next, it was time to tackle the Robinson website. Robinson originally had a main website consisting of 30 pages, plus two additional websites. These sites suffered from confusing navigation and unclear visual hierarchy, giving them a dated appearance. After a thorough web audit, we restructured the navigation and distilled content down to a manageable 18 pages in total. Our team focused on implementing solid design theories, intuitive navigation, clear visual hierarchy, and an improved user experience.

The new website featured more white space, more powerful imagery, stronger and more succinct copy, and a consistent tone from page to page. The Infinity team gave special attention to creating messaging that was professional, respectful, warm, and local.

The Robinson Funeral Home website won several awards, including a Service Industry Advertising Gold Award and a W3 Silver Award.


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