How Infinity Crafted a Pillar Content Marketing Strategy for a Year of Celebration





The Situation

Sixty years is a major milestone for any company. But for Tindall Corporation, it was a chance to reflect, celebrate, and look to the future – supported by top-notch content for their website and social media channels, of course. When we had the opportunity to partner with the Tindall team for their 60th-anniversary campaign, we all came to the table with a shared vision: deliver content that was real, human, and (more than anything) celebratory.

The original plan was to film a single interview between Greg Force, Tindall’s CEO, and Willy Lowndes, the son of Tindall’s founder. However, as the project progressed, it became clear that a larger content marketing strategy was necessary to fully meet Tindall’s goals and truly highlight and honor everything the company had achieved. Working side by side with Tindall’s marketing team, we developed and executed a holistic content marketing strategy designed to resonate with Tindall’s employees, customers, and community.

The Solution

We put our heads together with Tindall’s experts and asked: Instead of recording one giant video, what if we created an entire video series, brought more interviewees into the mix, and supported the video content with blogs, social content, and website enhancements? And what if we celebrated throughout all of 2023?

The energy from our teams was electric, and we got to work developing a pillar-based strategy with “seasons” for each topic Tindall wanted to highlight. After recording interviews with key members of Tindall’s executive team, our team created and launched distinct content pillars that focused on topics like:

  • Tindall’s history
  • The people of Tindall
  • The state of the precast industry (and its future)
  • Innovation as a core part of Tindall’s identity
  • Growth among Tindall’s employees
  • How Tindall fosters a sense of community

The content seasons continued throughout the year, each lasting about six weeks. Every new video was accompanied by a series of additional content, which was posted on Tindall’s website and the brand’s social media profiles. With agile assistance from Tindall, we collected quotes, stylized social images, and stories from Tindall employees, all of which flowed in perfect synchronicity with the interviews.

One final element of the pillar content marketing strategy brought it all together: a landing page. We knew that the year of content needed to bring viewers or readers to a single point. We worked with Tindall to build a landing page that told the complete story of the company’s 60 years of success with an interactive timeline and carousel for the anniversary interview videos. When the year of celebration ended, Tindall kept the website landing page as a historical marker and an important new spot on their site.

The Result

In total, the pillar content marketing strategy was a hit. Tindall received exceptional feedback from its customers, as well as internal team members and leadership. People in the community also received the content positively.

In 2023, the project’s social media content drove more traffic and follower acquisition overall by helping Tindall’s clients and fellow community members get into the celebratory mindset. Web traffic increased by nearly 8% compared to 2022 as social posting ramped up and directed followers to the new 60th-anniversary content.

The video content our team produced with Tindall stands out for its extraordinary growth and engagement. Videos published related to the 60th-anniversary campaign saw nearly 34,000 impressions and 1,200 engagements.

Collaboration and partnership with the Tindall team were at the core of this campaign’s success. Their ideas, enthusiasm, and feedback throughout every stage of the project kept our team energized and excited for each new season of content, and we’re honored to have been part of the celebration.

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