Optimized Content Drives Organic Growth for Window World


Window World



The Situation

Window World, a national home exterior remodeling brand with over 200 locations across the country, was on a mission to increase organic traffic to their website. From the beginning, Window World knew that blogs would play a critical role in achieving their goals, but they needed support in connecting the dots between content development, boosting daily users, increasing engagement, and securing conversions. That’s when they brought in the SEO team at Infinity. 

The Solution

After analyzing Window World’s existing blog content and gaining a better understanding of how their website performance impacts their business, Infinity worked hand-in-hand with the Window World marketing team to develop a set of measurable long-term goals for 2021. 

  1. Grow organic traffic 
  2. Increase blog pageviews  
  3. Boost daily active users 

We knew the primary driver of our SEO strategy would be the research and development of rich, timely, and targeted blog content. But content alone wouldn’t help the Window World team achieve their goals. That’s why we also strengthened Window World’s linking structure, conducted backlink and technical audits, and made recommendations for off-page optimizations. 

With a solid SEO foundation in place, we conducted a deep dive into trending content topics that related to queries Window World wanted to rank for, then developed strategic topic suggestions based on that research. We also created blog templates that included targeted keywords our copywriters could use to develop optimized content.  

As part of this approach, we identified geo-targeting opportunities and competitor keywords to leverage within each piece of content. When combined, these strategies helped our team target rich snippet ownership, increase the number of keywords Window World was ranking for, and improve overall keyword visibility. 

Throughout 2021, our SEO team also reviewed Window World’s Google My Business listing, continued conducting backlink audits, regularly updated and optimized on-page content, and found opportunities for off-page optimizations. 

The Results

By October of 2021, our content-driven SEO strategy for Window World helped this national brand increase their impressions, boost their organic traffic, rank for more keywords, and increase unique page views on their blog. 

  • 29% increase in non-branded queries  
  • 82% boost in top 3 non-branded keywords 
  • 16% increase in overall organic traffic 
  • 497% increase in top 10 blog page keywords 
  • 376% boost in top 3 blog page keywords 
  • 160% increase in unique blog page views 

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