Using TV to Drive Brand Awareness for MUSC


Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)




Traditional media has always been a powerful tool for helping companies stand out in competitive environments, and as the leading state research hospital, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) faced serious competition. MUSC’s leadership understood that, while specific services were the key to financial success, brand health was also an important factor in driving consideration of elective health care services. With the strong competition for health care dollars, MUSC needed a fresh branding campaign to reach their broad-based audience and improve recall and preference.



We collaborated with the health care system marketing team to create a comprehensive and strategic traditional media plan to provide broad reach and strong frequency across all tactics. Our research showed that TV usage remained the leading media choice across most demographics, including our identified target. With that research in mind, the primary driver selected for this campaign was traditional media, specifically video. Our team utilized a video that was placed into the market across broadcast and cable/satellite TV, and we also repurposed the video for digital use in pre-roll and OTT.

The traditional media marketing campaign was a success, and MUSC saw an increase in unaided brand recognition and preference as measured by an independent research firm. The data gathered clearly showed a direct correlation between TV weight in-market and brand awareness. We developed a custom daypart distribution and ensured the client’s messages were aired in top-rated local programming, as well as high-profile network, sports, and event programming. This campaign proved that the right mix of digital and traditional media is critical in reaching target audiences and moving them to action.

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