Multi-Tactic Campaign Creates Buzz Around Tindall’s Big Announcement




The Situation

In 2021, Tindall Corporation made the decision to bifurcate into two business groups, Tindall Building Systems and Tindall Infrastructure. This evolution would reflect the company’s growing capabilities and enable Tindall to be recognized as an industry leader in two distinctly separate applications of precast concrete. To announce the bifurcation to current and prospective customers, as well as internal team members, Tindall needed a comprehensive rollout plan that could powerfully tell the bifurcation story, provide all the necessary details, and position the change as a positive opportunity for all parties. That’s when they brought in the Infinity team to develop a gameplan. 

The Solution

The Tindall and Infinity teams worked closely together during each phase of this campaign. We began by identifying which tactics would tell the bifurcation story before developing a strategic rollout plan. The multi-tactic campaign included the following elements:

  • Brand standards update
  • Website update
  • Internal launch video
  • External launch video
  • Press release
  • Article on the website’s News page
  • Organic social media posts
  • Personalize sales team emails
  • Online industry publication email placements (4)


We then began the complex task of establishing each business group’s new branding, including colors, logos, and messaging guidelines. Our challenge was to visually distinguish Tindall Building Systems from Tindall Infrastructure while simultaneously creating a cohesive look and feel with the existing Tindall brand. Special consideration had to be given to how the new branding elements would function on the website as well.  

Once the branding was solidified, we optimized the existing Tindall website to better reflect the bifurcation and rebuilt multiple pages to further differentiate Building Systems and Infrastructure.  

The multi-tactic campaign then drove current and potential customers, as well as internal team members, to the new website to learn more about the bifurcation.  

The Results

In the end, the new branding for Tindall Building Systems and Tindall Infrastructure helped to visually distinguish each business group while seamlessly incorporating the new identities into the greater Tindall brand. When combined with the website updates and announcement campaign, our close collaboration with Tindall led to a successful launch that told the bifurcation story in a powerful and memorable way.

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