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The Situation

Quext, an innovative tech company for apartments, started in 2017 to focus on designing intuitive, easy-to-install, and powerful technologies that help build safer, happier communities. In 2020, they approached Infinity Marketing to rebuild the website. Quext is unique within their space and their website needed to reflect that by highlighting the approachable, modern voice and brand identity that separates them from similar companies in the multifamily property technology industry. Infinity Marketing’s goal was to elevate the brand and find ways to represent their core products to their various target segments, ultimately driving qualified leads.


The Solution

The defined objectives were to create animations; adhere to web design; UX; and ADA Compliance best practices; and utilize design functionalities to encourage engagement and boost time on the site. Infinity Marketing used GSAP technology — the most robust, high-performance JavaScript animation you can get recommended by Google — to create animations to explain the various product offerings in an easy, digestible way that draws the user into the site and keeps them engaged on each page. These animations, paired with brand-centric site copy, explain the benefits and unique selling points of each product. Content hierarchy, intuitive navigation, and clear CTA opportunities guide the user through a journey to discover Quext, the products, and how to learn more. Quext is an emerging player in the space and continues to add new product offerings to their portfolio, making it essential to lay a strong SEO foundation through competitive keyword research, technical optimizations, and SEO-friendly content creation to be built up over time as the company grows.


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Design-forward website. Thoughtful UX. Strategic SEO plan. Approachable copy. The website launched September 2020 with these key elements working together to present the Quext brand. Since the launch, we continue to review the website data and use those insights to refine the website and SEO strategy. We have seen over 3,200 new users, over 10,000 pageviews, and nearly 5,000 sessions acquired from organic search. Average time on page for organic search users has risen to 00:02:46 with an average of 2.1 pages viewed per session. ­Our keyword strategy is proving successful with a +315% growth over the past six months, and our integrated SEO approach has also assisted in the acquisition of backlinks and referring domains, with +345% growth in backlink acquisition and +160% growth in number of referring domains over the past six months.

“Infinity is highly engaged, diligent with research and recommendations, and delivers quality returns for our acquisition spend. Whether it’s advanced budget planning, media buying, digital strategy, website development, or creative services, I have full confidence in the business partners I have with Infinity.”

— John McNelly, Chief Marketing Officer

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