Micro Influencers Help Boost Success of SSM Health Virtual Visits


SSM Health




After a successful, single-region micro-influencer campaign promoting their Virtual Visits telehealth platform the previous year, SSM Health tapped Infinity Marketing to expand the campaign to four regions with a focus on reaching and engaging local audiences within each region. Brand and platform awareness, future use consideration, and positive word of mouth from the influencers’ collective social audience were the main objectives of the new campaign.



Utilizing proven strategies for identifying hyper-local, engagement-focused talent, Infinity contracted and managed a combined total of eight influencers (one to three per region) during the two-month campaign.

Promotion of key platform differentiators—ease of use, minimal cost, mobile convenience—and full FTC compliance was required for all campaign-related influencer content throughout each influencer’s flighted content delivery window. Each influencer was allotted a minimal $25 boost post-budget to promote one post on either Facebook or Instagram to increase message reach and engagement.

Each influencer was also assigned a unique URL that directed her audience to the SSM Health Virtual Visits landing page, allowing for individualized tracking of website traffic.


Over the two-month influencer campaign, a combined six blog posts and 65 static and ephemeral posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, garnered:

  • 51k total impressions
  • 59k total reach
  • 2.7k engagements (reactions/likes, comments, shares/saves)
  • 412 unique website sessions
  • 352 new users to the website
  • 640 pageviews











All reactions and comments received on campaign-related influencer content were 100% positive. There was also a total of 31 content shares on Facebook and 74 post saves on Instagram, indicating both a high level of brand advocacy and future use consideration from the social audience.

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