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SEO-Driven Content Strategy Increases Rankings for Lima One


Lima One Capital




After partnering with us to perform an SEO audit on their website, Lima One Capital asked us to build an ongoing content strategy for their site. The goal of the strategy was to drive more traffic to their website while increasing their non-branded search traffic in order to attract potential new customers.

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Using our SEO-driven content approach, we were able to identify 5 key topics within their industry that had a high monthly search volume and click rate.

We created content profiles for each topic with specific prompts guiding their copywriter to create relevant, useful, and authoritative content for each topic.

Based on our pillar approach, Lima One’s content team created the content using our strategic guidelines and posted it across recommended channels.


The content was created, posted to their blog, and shared across the recommended channels. As we monitored SEO performance closely over the following months, we discovered that the search engine rankings and organic search traffic generated by these specific terms began climbing rapidly.

In 80 days, the average search engine ranking for the targeted terms improved by 38 positions. This helped their overall non-branded search traffic to increase by 5.81% over the same 80 day period.

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