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Lima One Capital, the nation’s premier lender for residential real estate investors, brought in Infinity Marketing to help expand their rental product business through the use of search engine marketing (SEM) and a variety of other media tactics. Lima One segmented their products into three categories: FixNFlip, short term loans designed for investors that are purchasing and rehabbing homes for resale; Rental, which are longer term loans for investors in the rental property market; and Multifamily, which are loans intended for properties with five or more units. The FixNFlip product line was doing well, but Lima One Capital sought to expand their rental portfolio, drive loan applications, and optimize the cost per loan application (CPA).



Our team put their strategic minds together to develop a robust digital media campaign that included SEM, digital display, and retargeting. With the client’s goals in mind, we made plans to continually diversify the media mix with additional integrated marketing approaches to generate incremental application volume. This eventually included paid social media tactics.

Of the tactics used, it quickly became clear through analytics that retargeting was the strongest and most efficient driver of loan applications. Once a prospective customer visited a Lima One Capital webpage, such as the rental products or FixNFlip pages, they received corresponding retargeting banners. We shifted spend towards this tactic and optimized the campaign by using specific creative for retargeting based on the user’s behavior on the website.

Lima One Capital saw substantial growth from our SEM, digital display, and retargeting campaign. This program has contributed to continued growth, leading the client to expand their team to support the increased loan application volume.

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