Launching a Brand and Building an Abundance of Awareness in a Short Time Frame


Abundance Energy



The Situation

Starting in the beginning of 2024, energy companies in Lubbock, Texas, have been able to compete for customers, and many rushed to capture their shares of the new market. But Abundance, one of those energy companies, knew that marketing quality was just as important as speed. So, they turned to Infinity for help.

The broad goal was to help Abundance Energy launch successfully in their local market amongst intenseforecasted competition from other energy providers. There was only a short window in which to make a great impression – Q4 2023 – before deregulation began in 2024 – so we got right to work planning, designing, and executing a variety of sub-goals.

The Solution

To make Abundance Energy stand out from the competition, our team opted to leverage many types of media, including a mix of both traditional and digital media pieces. The digital creative pieces, like paid social and display ads, were designed to let customers know that Abundance was ready to meet their energy needs starting in Q1 of 2024. The ads highlighted that Abundance is a local company for Lubbock customers, setting them apart from distant rivals.

To further maximize resonance with locals, we crafted engaging radio spots to be aired during Friday night football. Football is a way of life in Lubbock, as it is elsewhere throughout Texas, so this was an excellent way to reach the people Abundance wanted to connect with the most.

The awareness campaign’s various pieces and pillars funneled traffic to a new landing page designed and built by our team. The landing page allowed prospective customers to receive updates on service availability, plus offered additional information about how customers could sign up with Abundance at the earliest opportunity. Our creative team worked with Abundance to ensure the landing page was a stellar match for the brand’s existing look and voice.

The Results

As 2023 rolled into 2024, Abundance Energy saw significant success from our efforts. Brand awareness metrics showed the energy provider received 319 new subscribers in the first three weeks of the year alone and saw massive engagement across all outreach pieces, like paid social posts. Even those who didn’t sign up often took other positive actions, such as investigating Abundance’s energy plans and checking the availability of its services, while using the new landing page to excellent effect.

In a broad sense, the campaign was successful in its goal to raise public awareness of Abundance and its offerings. To help Abundance maintain its current positive momentum, we have continued to support the brand in its outreach and awareness strategy, hoping to drive even more conversions throughout 2024.

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