Infinity Plays Up the Cool Factor to Produce Extra Web Value by Speaking to Two Audiences at Once


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The Situation

The Hiring Group has two distinct audiences: companies looking to hire IT and engineering contractors and contractor candidates looking for employment. They asked Infinity to update their outdated and unresponsive website with a high-tech, modern, sleek website that both companies and candidates would appreciate.  

They wanted to differentiate themselves from other staffing agencies and create a clear position in the market by highlighting how well they treat their IT and engineering contractors. The industries they serve tend to involve long-term projects; therefore, the longer a company can hold on to a contractor, the more profitable and productive they are. 

So, how to highlight a compelling message (Better benefits = Great contractors) to both sides of the staffing market? Infinity’s web team had ideas. 

The Solution

From our research, we knew that personalization results in higher engagement, so we devised an engaging user experience based on the two audiences’ intents. Creating a clear design system catering to each audience, we personalized the content using modern animation and movement throughout the site. This design is a clear departure from anything used in the staffing market, and “the cool factor” speaks to the interests of the IT and engineering market.  

For example, choosing to hover above “Find a job” or “Find a contractor” on the home page changes the headline to address the user. Throughout the site, we carefully crafted the navigation/site map to make clear where to go based on the audience category. We also integrated ZipRecruiter with the site for a more streamlined user experience. 

The Results

Just what The Hiring Group was looking for. A sleek and modern site from the color palette and photography to the animated movement. They now have an engaging user experience for companies searching for IT and engineers and the very people theyre seeking.  

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