How Automating Analytics Increased Our Efficiency by 60%


Infinity Marketing




The Infinity Marketing analytics team identified a need to automate its data aggregation process and increase efficiencies for analytics in order to sustain long-term growth. We wanted to reduce manual reporting functions, increase automation and efficiencies, and provide more immediate actionable insights on a regular basis to increase the impact and meaning for our clients. We established three key pillars to help us determine the best approach and set the stage for success.



Infinity partnered with ChannelMix, a data aggregation platform that is part of Alight Analytics, with several goals in mind — automate comprehensive data aggregation, improve internal efficiencies across analytics and reporting, and provide actionable insights at a granular level across both digital and traditional media. We also wanted to increase the time spent on deep analysis and insight generation while mitigating the time spent on manual formatting. Lastly, we wanted to refine our entire analytics and reporting structure by implementing a three-tiered analytics package model to better support our clients.

Through our partnership with ChannelMix, we gained access to automated integration options that translated into powerful and robust interactive dashboards. This allowed us to automate data aggregation, increase data integrity by eliminating manual efforts, and seamlessly blend data points from multiple sources.

We onboarded 35 clients in six months, creating over 600 dashboard views powered by automated data connection. This was three times the typical amount of work in half the anticipated time. We shifted from spending 60% of total analytics and reporting efforts on manual data management to spending 75% of time on actionable insight generation, collaborative reporting conversations with clients, and immediate campaign optimizations. As a result of these strategies, updates, and optimizations, analytics now serves as a core service and pillar of our business.

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