How Infinity Bolstered Jervey Eye Group with Eye Care SEO Marketing


Jervey Eye Group



The Situation

Jervey Eye Group, a leading eye care provider in Upstate SC, was on a mission to increase awareness about their comprehensive eye care services. Jervey wanted to make its target customers – people in need of eye care and specialty services – aware that Jervey was an excellent option. 

That’s why they brought in Infinity’s SEO team to create a strategy to boost their organic search visibility and drive traffic to their website. The goal was to make Jervey more “present” in the minds of those looking for professional eye care and enhance the number of visitors to the Jervey Eye Group website, as well as the number of appointments made by site visitors. 

The Solution

Our SEO team began by developing a roadmap for achieving Jervey’s goals. 

One of the primary challenges was the stiff online competition from other eye care providers in the area. If every eye care provider in the area offers the same core set of services, like eye exams and glasses fittings, each provider needs to find differentiating factors for prospective patients to make themselves stand out. 

That’s why we kicked things off by identifying Jervey’s primary competitors. In doing this, we could determine: 

  • What those competing eye care providers were offering 
  • More importantly, what those competitors weren’t offering (or at least what they weren’t advertising that they were offering) 

To increase non-branded search visibility, we developed a competitor-focused keyword strategy and optimized the Jervey Eye Group website accordingly. Tactically placing keywords throughout the Jervey website helped its pages to rank higher on Google, making it more likely that Jervey would come up as one of the top results, or the number one result, for related searches, like “eye care provider near me.” 

Then, to boost organic search traffic, our team focused on building out on-page content — such as service descriptions and blogs — with targeted keywords. We also optimized Jervey’s off-page listings and married the SEO strategy with the provider’s ongoing paid media campaigns. 

After that, our team optimized HTML title tags and meta descriptions, found referral and linking opportunities, and adjusted Jervey’s Google My Business listings. To ensure the efficacy of this strategy, we regularly optimized the website as the year progressed. Our consistent review of SEO performance helped illuminate opportunities for optimizations and new keyword implementations each month. 

The Results

 This comprehensive eye care SEO marketing campaign increased Jervey Eye Group’s top 10 positions for non-branded keywords by 52%, resulting in massively enhanced visibility for the eye care practice among its target audience. Unique appointment requests increased by a whopping 94%, and overall impressions from non-branded queries rose by 139% compared to the previous six months. Ultimately, the eye care SEO marketing project was a sterling success! 


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