How SEO Helped Increase Search Visibility for Jervey Eye Group


Jervey Eye Group



The Situation

Jervey Eye Group, a leading eye care provider in Upstate SC, was on a mission to increase awareness about their comprehensive eye care services and specialties. That’s why they brought in Infinity’s SEO team to create a strategy to boost their organic search visibility and drive traffic to their website. 


The Solution

Our SEO team began by developing a roadmap for achieving Jervey’s goals. With four locations across the Upstate region of South Carolina and a wide range of services to promote, one of the primary challenges for Jervey Eye Group was the stiff online competition from other eye care providers in the area. That’s why we kicked things off by identifying Jervey’s primary competitors, then researching and assembling a list of competitor’s keywords to target. 

To increase non-branded search visibility, we developed a competitor-focused keyword strategy and optimized the Jervey Eye Group website accordingly. Then, to increase organic search traffic, our team focused on building out on-page content with targeted keywords, optimizing Jervey’s off-page listings, and marrying the SEO strategy with the provider’s ongoing paid media campaigns.  

After that, it was all about optimizing HTML title tags and meta descriptions, finding referral and linking opportunities, updating content with focused keywords, making adjustments to Jervey’s Google My Business listings, and regularly optimizing the website as the year progressed. This consistent review of SEO performance helped illuminate opportunities for optimizations and implementations each month.  

The Results

From January to November 2021, Infinity’s SEO strategy increased Jervey’s top 10 positions for non-branded keywords by 52%. This enhanced visibility for the healthcare practice played a major role in boosting both impressions and appointments requested. By the end of November, impressions from non-branded queries were up 139% compared to the previous six months, and unique appointment requests increased by 94% in the same period of time 


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