How SEO Fueled Recruitment for a Growing Hospitalist Group





The Situation

When a hospitalist provider wanted to amplify their employee recruitment strategy, they tapped the SEO team at Infinity for support. Our mission? Increase this client’s online visibility through laser-focused optimizations, improve metrics for jobs and careers pages, and drive more qualified candidate applications to help expand their national footprint.

The Solution

Our SEO strategy began by understanding the client’s objectives for 2021. We then got to work analyzing data and key metrics from their current SEO and developed a customized strategy that relied on collaboration with the team. By working closely with the client, we determined specific annual goals and set achievable quarterly benchmarks.

Our top three long-term goals were: 

  • Create Content: Develop valuable content targeting hospital administration staff and physicians that might need the client’s services while highlighting the value of the hospitalist group. 
  • Increase Core Metrics: Leverage on-page and technical optimizations to boost new visitors, time on site, and domain authority while decreasing bounce rate. 
  • Increase Non-Branded Search Traffic: Optimize the website for non-branded search terms to increase organic traffic. 


With these goals in mind, our SEO team began resolving technical issues, identifying opportunities to improve internal link distribution, developing keyword-rich content, and providing UI/UX recommendations for jobs and careers pages.  

The Results

By November 2021, our SEO team had achieved all of their annual goals for this hospitalist system. Our customized approach to SEO helped increase pageviews for the careers pages by 154% and boosted new backlinks to job listings by 188%. On top of that, the variety of on-page optimizations, technical improvements, and additional content led to a 2433% growth in the client’s keywords on job listings pages.


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