How Eldeco’s New Website Improved User Experience





Eldeco's Situation

Graphic depicting the goals for Eldeco in creating a new website.

Eldeco’s previous website was a solid platform for displaying its long and successful history. With over 50 years of experience in construction and electrical design, there was a lot of information to share, but the team at Eldeco realized the opportunity to improve their website and make it a more user-friendly and effective showcase of their extensive capabilities. Our goal at Infinity Marketing was to improve user experience and elevate the Eldeco brand to make it stand out from the competition. So, we set out to create a new website that could achieve these goals.

The Solution

Graphic showing where intuitive navigation, team-centric photography, and content hierarchy are executed on a website.


We began by analyzing session recording data and determining how visitors were interacting with Eldeco’s construction and electrical design site. We identified what was working, what wasn’t, and made moves to optimize and improve user experience by:

  • Streamlining the user experience (UX) through purposeful design decisions, including intuitive navigation, cohesive color palettes, and a refined content hierarchy.
  • Crafting dedicated services pages in collaboration with Eldeco’s subject matter experts.
  • Interlinking pages throughout the site for a more seamless transition from one section to the next.
  • Adopting more team-centric approaches to photography and content, offering a glimpse into the personalities and expertise behind the Eldeco brand.

We aimed to improve the user experience on Eldeco’s website by making their most valuable information easily accessible through critical copy improvements, enhanced site navigation, and a refined UX design. However, while developing the website, we also noticed unique elements of the Eldeco brand beginning to shine and saw the potential to push them further with a refresh. By evaluating the website not only from a functionality standpoint but from a brand perspective as well, we identified key areas that could use improvement and made plans to better align the website with Eldeco’s vision and values. Some of these enhancements included:

  • Optimizing the use of colors to align with their web strategy
  • Selecting a new web font to modernize the brand
  • Incorporating new textures, graphic elements, and image treatments to enhance the overall visual appeal
  • Visiting the offices for a custom photoshoot to further update their photography

By incorporating these brand enhancements alongside the key site structuring changes we had already made, we were able to showcase Eldeco’s extensive construction and electrical design capabilities and highlight their incredible work on a website that was intuitive, bright, and uniquely Eldeco.

The Results

The positive statistics that resulted from the improved user experience on Eldeco’s website.



Compared to a roughly three-month period prior to the launch of the new website, Eldeco saw a near-immediate improvement in a few key areas, including:

  • 21% increase in total sessions, including a 12% rise in organic search and a 24% boost in direct traffic.
  • 18% increase in new users to the website.
  • 8% increase in total pageviews and a remarkable 23% increase in engagement rate.
  • 11% increase in time spent on the website.
  • A staggering 618% increase in link or button clicks.

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