How Comedy Helped Drive Awareness & Retention for Blessing


Blessing Health System



The Situation

Blessing Health System was on a mission to simplify their customer service experience and make it easier for patients to get answers to their non-medical healthcare questions. That’s why they created the Blessing Resource Center, a physical location where patients could call or visit to speak directly with a person — no hold times, automated systems, or complicated websites. All they needed was a memorable campaign to help spread the word. That’s when Blessing brought in Infinity’s creative team to develop a campaign that would demand attention, boost retention, and inspire action.

The Solution

Without an online source for patients to learn more about the Resource Center, we were challenged to develop a video campaign that was impactful enough to stand alone and drive both in-person and over-the-phone traffic. Since no other healthcare systems in the area were offering anything like the Resource Center to their patients, our concept also needed to disrupt the market and help set Blessing apart from the competition. Our solution? Comedy.

From chat-bots to automated answering services, no one enjoys “talking to a machine.” To capitalize on that universal frustration and highlight the benefits of talking to a human, we personified the monotone voice of an IVR system as an actual customer service robot in a call center. In each of the video concepts for this campaign, we see the customer service robot intentionally frustrating callers and making it impossible for them to get answers to their questions. The robot serves as a comedic “anti-mascot” for the Resource Center, a perfect foil to the friendly and helpful people at Blessing.

The robot itself was intentionally designed to be a single step up from a homemade Halloween costume. Constructed primarily of cardboard and home improvement supplies, the quality of the costume helps reflect the quality of customer care automated systems provide.

In each concept, after seeing the robot frustrating a caller, we transition to a better alternative — the Blessing Resource Center. Here, an uplifting music track plays, and we see friendly humans interacting with patients in a modern and bright environment — a stark contrast to the robot’s dim, gray cubicle.

The Results

We created a series of three video spots for the robots campaign for use across BTV and CTV. The first spot began running in November 2021. As of March 2022, broadcast airings generated 547,000 impressions, and CTV campaigns generated over 280K impressions with a VCR of 98 percent.


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