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Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) was expanding its roster of daily non-stop flights to include New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA). They needed a strategic marketing campaign to be developed and implemented to ensure that word of this news was efficiently and cost-effectively spread.



Our team developed a robust marketing strategy for GSP that included an integrated mix of traditional and digital tactics, as well as influencer marketing. We identified and secured a popular local media personality and award-winning social media influencer to participate in one of the new GSP-to-LGA flights; spend the weekend exploring the sights and sounds of New York City; and share the experience with his combined 20k+ followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All details surrounding this influencer marketing campaign, including contract negotiations, travel, accommodations, and event/attraction ticket procurement for the three-day trip, were managed by our social media team.

We worked closely with the influencer throughout the entire process to confirm that his published content remained authentic and on-message, followed a pre-determined post frequency, included tagging of GSP, used the campaign hashtag, actively engaged his social audience, drove social traffic to the campaign’s website landing page, and was compliant with FTC influencer disclosure guidelines.

Over the three-day round-trip, he shared a combined 43 posts that featured a variety of visual content types, including photos, videos, and live video/stories. Successfully fulfilling campaign goals, the influencer’s social media content garnered a total of 90k+ impressions, 2.3k+ engagements, 6.4k+ video views, and even reached a total of 24.1k+ users across all three social media channels. The influencer also regularly shared the campaign landing page URL in his posted content and comment replies, sending more users to the website to learn more or to book their own GSP-to-LGA flight.

This campaign won a MarCom Gold Award and a Service Industry Advertising Gold Award.

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