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When it comes to websites, things like best practices, functionality, and trends are always changing and advancing. Greenwood Capital recognized that their website had fallen behind current expectations for a modern website, both in terms of design and functionality, and they also felt that it wasn’t an accurate reflection of their brand. That’s where the Infinity Marketing team came in.



Our team first suggested a comprehensive website audit that included a thorough examination of their existing website. During the audit, we combed through and evaluated each individual element of the site, from content and SEO to functionality and design. This process also included a detailed look at Greenwood Capital’s competitors’ websites. This helped our team build a robust knowledge base to build upon, providing ample insight into the many opportunities available with the new Greenwood Capital website.

The website audit, client discovery sessions, and website development led to a completely new website that both speaks to the Greenwood Capital clientele and reflects the local and global aspects of Greenwood Capital’s strengths. The optimized user experience allows for easy access to the company’s services, and special attention was given to page navigation. We also helped highlight the heart of Greenwood Capital by showcasing their story, culture, and people through custom photography in the office setting.

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