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Elderslie Farm came to Infinity Marketing with a need for a carefully designed and informative brochure about their sawmill and woodworking offerings, something that set them apart from their competition. Elderslie needed our team to create something that seamlessly blended with their existing collateral while elevating and better defining the sawmill and woodworking division.

As is the case with all products and services of Elderslie Farm, the primary goal with the brochure was to convey the superior quality of the sawmill and woodworking division’s products. At the same time, we were challenged with representing the ways in which Elderslie appreciates and highlights the heritage and stewardship behind each individual piece. To achieve these goals, the design elements and copy would need to be clean, evocative, and stunning.



Infinity got to work by first identifying the target audience — general contractors, interior designers, and architects. These were the kinds of individuals who appreciated high-quality custom statement pieces for their designs. Just as the details in each piece of timber were important to the client, the details within the design elements were important to our design team.

We utilized live-edge timber with the photography on the exterior pages, a design element that continues along the bottom of the interior pages. The photography featured both finished products and shots of the process of creating each work of art, allowing the reader to gain a true appreciation for each piece. We also used testimonial blurbs on the back with contact information. While it can be effective to speak to the quality of your own work, it’s even more powerful to see customers echo those statements. The final trifold brochure was printed on a high-quality natural fiber stock that complemented the earthy, natural feel of the design.

This project won several industry awards, including a Marcom Platinum Award, a Service Industry Advertising Gold Award, and an AAF Silver Award.


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