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The Situation

In April 2022, Eldeco began preparing for their 50th anniversary celebration, a two-day event designed to communicate company updates, galvanize the team across locations, highlight the company’s growth since 1972, and honor the legacy of Eldeco’s founders, Larry and Bobby McKinney. As part of the celebration, Eldeco wanted to leverage video to highlight several specific topics and help build excitement within the team. That’s when they tapped Infinity to help dial in the strategy and produce the video series.  

The Solution

When Eldeco first approached our team about this project, they had a few key goals in mind. The video series needed to: 

  • Highlight their leadership team  
  • Cover several important topics being addressed during the 50th anniversary event 
  • Provide an overview of the company’s history, their core values, and the legacy of their founders 
  • Create excitement about the future of Eldeco 


To achieve these goals, Eldeco originally envisioned seven three-minute videos. During the discovery process, we worked closely with the Eldeco team to better understand their vision, how the videos would be used, and the specific emotions they were trying to evoke from their audience. Through this collaboration, we determined the most effective approach would be to narrow the focus of the series to deliver three longer-form videos: 

  • History — A narrative timeline of the company’s growth since 1972, highlighting the importance of their founders’ vision for Eldeco 
  • Values — A breakdown of Eldeco’s core values, how they impact every facet of the company culture, and their role in how Eldeco conducts business 
  • One Eldeco — A high-energy hype video designed to build excitement for the future 


With the strategy in place, our video team set out to produce the series. We captured 15 interviews across four days, predominantly focused on the company’s leadership team. We also filmed one day of b-roll, including both office and job-site footage.  

It was during the post-production phase that things became especially interesting. First, while selecting the shots for the history video, we discovered there was more story to tell than our original five-minute length could contain. We worked closely with Eldeco to review the video selects and agreed that restricting the length would result in an overall less impactful video. The final history video came in at nearly seven minutes of rich, emotional storytelling.  

Then, while reviewing footage for the two other videos, we noticed that each and every interviewee shared an impactful and often unprompted belief about the people of Eldeco. Time and time again, we saw leadership sharing some variation of, “What makes Eldeco special is our people.” This sparked an idea that resulted in a completely different approach to the final video for the event. Rather than focus on building hype, we created a video that delivered an authentic, heartfelt, and resounding message from the leadership team: The people of Eldeco make the company what it is. 

The Results

In the end, this video series helped Eldeco celebrate their 50th anniversary by clearly communicating the stories they wanted to tell and leaving a lasting impression on their team. Most importantly, this series highlighted the importance of collaboration in creative projects. By working side-by-side with the Eldeco team, we were able to adapt to new developments and capitalize on the incredible stories being told in a truly meaningful way. The One Eldeco video received an Honorable Mention at the MarCom Awards.  


Eldeco 50th Anniversary: History
Eldeco 50th Anniversary: Values
Eldeco 50th Anniversary: One Eldeco

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