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The Situation

The client’s goal during 2022 was to increase revenue (radio sales) and search relevancy for ads.

The Solution

Bid Strategy, Campaign Type Adjustments & Effective Tools

During 2022, the Infinity team implemented various bid strategies across both Google Shopping & Google Search campaigns in-order to strategically test the difference in Conversion value and overall conversion results. Infinity adjusted the campaign type for Shopping campaigns by upgrading the Smart Shopping campaign to the new Performance Max option. With these optimizations, the additional website traffic needed to be engaged and then led to final purchase. After training and setting the client up with Podium–a review, messenger, and texting app that can integrate within a client’s website–the client took over the daily management of the tool.

Search Relevancy Maintenance

The Infinity team implemented nearly 20k keyword changes during 2022 alone to boost search relevancy for Google Shopping and Product specific Search campaigns. This was accomplished through persistent, weekly keyword optimizations utilizing, broad match negative identifiers, phrase match, and exact match negative keywords.

The Results

Bid Strategy Shifts:

Infinity increased ROAS by ~85% (285% ROAS to 527% ROAS) when compared to 2021 due in large part to the continued testing and changes in bid strategy. Using Podium, the Two Way Radio team received nearly 4,000 inbound leads from the pop-up chat window and process over 200 payments directly through Podium.

Paid Search:

Paid Search campaigns that utilized the “Maximize Conversions” bid strategy saw a similar CVR (5% vs. 5%) when compared to the “Maximize Conversion Value” bid strategy. Despite the “Maximize Conversion Value” bid strategy seeing a similar CVR, it saw a 200% increase in the ‘Site Purchase’ conversion action rate (11% vs. 33%). Despite “Maximize Conversion Value” campaigns seeing 25% of spend they saw 50% of conversion value generated.

Google Shopping:

Adjusting the bid strategy from “Maximize Clicks” to “Target ROAS” resulted in a 400% increase in ‘Site Purchase’ conversion action rate and increased ROAS from 204% to 1,320%.

Campaign Type Adjustments:

Upgrading the Smart Shopping campaign to Performance Max resulted in a 41% increase in the rate of Site Purchase conversions (1.86% to 2.64%) helping TWR meet its goal of increasing revenue YoY.

 Keyword Management:

Due to keyword changes during 2022 (Jan-Nov) per the specific request of the client to increase ‘Calls From Ads’ conversion relevancy. Infinity has received fewer notifications from the client on irrelevant traffic coming from users during the sales process.

Two Way Radio YoY ROAS



  • Shopping campaigns saw the strongest ROAS performance during 2022 due to the ROAS bid strategy. ​
  • Search campaigns that focused on “Maximize Conversion Value” saw the next strongest ROAS performance. ​
  • Search campaigns with the “Maximize Conversions” bid strategy saw the weakest ROAS performance.​
  • Infinity generated a lift in conversion value across the board for all campaigns during 2022.
  • Infinity decreased the overall Bounce Rate by 2% and increased Pages/Session & Average Session Duration by 4.3% & 7.2% respectively. This was due to consistent search relevancy optimizations through keywords to reach more qualified users.


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