Drive Increased Conversion Value While Increasing Return on Ad Spend


Two Way Radio



The Situation

The client’s goal during 2022 was to increase revenue (radio sales) and search relevancy for ads.  

The Solution

During 2022, the Infinity team diligently implemented various bid strategies across both Google Shopping & Google Search campaigns in-order to strategically test the difference in conversion value and overall conversion results. Infinity also adjusted the campaign type for shopping campaigns by upgrading the smart shopping campaign to the new beta performance max option for continued testing. To improve search relevancy, the Infinity team implemented persistent keyword optimizations weekly during 2022 for Google Shopping and productspecific Search campaigns.  

The Results

  • Infinity assisted the client in achieving its first year of over $1 million in sales volume by increasing ROAS ~85% YoY (2021 vs. 2022) utilizing learnings in bid strategy performance.  


  • Infinity generated a lift in conversion value across the board for all campaigns during 2022, adding to our consistent track record of driving increases in e-commerce purchases and quality phone calls which lead to sales.
    • Paid Search campaigns drove a 200% increase in the ‘Site Purchase’ conversion action rate (11% vs. 33%).
    • Shopping Campaigns generated a 400% increase in the ‘Site Purchase’ conversion action rate and increased ROAS from 204% to 1,320%. 


  • Infinity decreased the overall Bounce Rate by 2% and increased Pages/Session & Average Session Duration by 4.3% & 7.2%, respectively. This was due to consistent search relevancy optimizations through keywords to reach more qualified users. 

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