Influencer Marketing Helps Bring A Crowd to Comcast's Event






Comcast has a schedule of new retail store openings around the country, and that means that enticing new customers to visit, or existing customers to return, is a constant key component of their marketing strategy. With a variety of sponsorships with sports teams across the nation, Comcast is able to secure on-site talent for events that can help drive traffic to the new or existing stores. In order to spread the word about these events in the most efficient and cost-effective way, they rely on DJ endorsements facilitated by Infinity Marketing’s DJ Influencer Program.



We’ve developed one of the most robust DJ Endorsement Programs in the nation, allowing us to build connections and facilitate partnerships between our clients and local radio stations to help spread the word about exciting events and products. In this particular case, we helped promote the appearance of a player for the Chicago Cubs at Comcast’s Arlington Heights Xfinity retail store.

Since a sports station was already scheduled to be on site for this appearance, our DJ endorsements team partnered with three other radio stations in the ownership group to help create even more buzz and extend the reach of Comcast’s message. All three stations ran promotions on air the week leading up to the event, driving traffic to meet the talent and explore the store. Two of the three stations also created social media posts a few days before the event. These posts garnered a substantial 50,000 impressions each.

Through our DJ endorsement efforts, the store event had a stellar turn out. The line of customers waiting to meet the Cubs player and experience the Xfinity store for themselves traveled well outside the door.

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