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The Situation

Clemson University did not have a centralized performance measurement framework or way to track consistently across all departments and disciplines. With an impending new website launching, they needed a partner who could audit, recommend, and execute to ensure no valuable data was missed.

The Solution

Increase visibility into prospective student actions on the website, gain understanding of full prospective student journey, and streamline reporting with UTM tracking and goals/events in Google Analytics.



In tandem with Clemson’s new website launch, Infinity implemented tagging and tracking across the full site using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Over 200 new actions were able to be tracked more consistently sitewide and custom real-time dashboards were created that have provided visibility into what prospective students are doing when they get to the website across all paid and organic traffic sources. Infinity also developed a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager training course that the University Relations Marketing team went through to continue managing best practices.


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