Brand Refresh Promotes Traveler Interest in June Lake Loop


June Lake Loop



The Situation

June Lake Loop is a unique travel destination in the eastern Sierra. It offers spectacular fishing, camping, skiing, and breathtaking views. It’s an undiscovered gem. The June Lake Loop Chamber of Commerce asked Infinity to undertake a rebrand and social media campaign to refresh and re-energize the brand’s personality.


The Solution

The goal was to develop a dramatically different look and brand voice that reflected the area’s unpretentious and easy-going personality.

Infinity accomplished this by implementing a tactical mix of marketing efforts:

  • A total brand refresh was undertaken that represented a dramatic departure from the current logo and brand look.
  • The “Expect the UNexpected” campaign was launched to provide a fun way to convey the distinctively different nature of a visit to the June Lake Loop.
  • A high-impact social media campaign was used to launch the whimsical new brand personality. Posts featured appearances by Sasquatch, the Yeti, great white sharks, and even visitors from outer space.


The campaign was very positively received by the community and on social media. Social engagement rose dramatically, including shares. The positive reaction to the new branding was evidenced by the fact that the initial inventory of new branded merchandise was sold out by mid-season, and additional inventories needed to be ordered to meet demand.

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