Boosting Application Rates for Blessing Health System with Digital Marketing


Blessing Health System




With over 100 available job postings on their careers page, Blessing Health System sought Infinity Marketing’s guidance on how search engine marketing (SEM) could help improve their rates for applications and new hires. Our team’s challenge was to create the right mix of media tactics to fill jobs for a wide variety of locations and business types, including positions at a nationally recognized physician group, an accredited college of nursing and health sciences, a network of medical specialty businesses, and a charitable foundation.



To achieve these goals, we used a strategic mix of SEM and other digital media tactics, including Indeed job postings, Facebook paid ads, Google paid search, and targeted e-blasts. After the first quarter of the campaign, it was clear that this mix of tactics had been successful.

The average sponsored apply rate on Indeed increased from 1.7% to 4.8% within the first three months. Facebook logged 2,300 clicks, and about 2,000 unique users had engaged with the ads. The targeted email campaign was also successful with its first launch, with 5,500 deliveries, a solid open rate of over 21%, and a click through rate of 2.5%. Interestingly enough, the most successful tactic for the campaign was Google paid search, a tactic the client had never utilized in the past. These placements resulted in an average clickthrough rate of 15.04%, and there were 4,830 total clicks during those first three months.

In the end, our strategic mix of SEM and digital tactics helped Blessing Health System achieve their goals and increase application rates to their various businesses and organizations.

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