Blog Campaign Generates Organic Web Traffic for BakerRisk




The Situation

In the risk management sector, there’s no professional problem solver better than BakerRisk, an industry-leading risk management organization offering process safety services to industrial facilities around the world. BakerRisk’s website had untapped potential for lead generation and conversion, and visitors unfamiliar with industry terminology had difficulty parsing the specialized information found on their digital space. Infinity Marketing’s team dove in to enhance the site’s content and boost its traffic through a concentrated blog project.

A graphic depicting an increase in organic web traffic.

The Solution

One of the cornerstones of our efforts to revamp BakerRisk’s website and drive organic traffic was building a catalog of informative blogs. The blogs would serve several purposes simultaneously:

  • Increase organic traffic through the strategic implementation of relevant keywords.
  • Improve BakerRisk’s website ranking on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Provide accurate yet easier-to-understand context for potential leads or clients who were interested in what BakerRisk had to offer.
  • Keep website visitors engaged long enough to consider investigating BakerRisk further or contacting BakerRisk for services.

To accomplish these goals in the risk management field, our team of SEO specialists and writers enacted a multi-stage plan with BakerRisk to ideate, outline, write, edit, and publish one blog per month starting in January 2022. Our team’s content strategy was based on search engine relevance and the potential value a given topic could provide to a searcher or new website visitor.

Each new blog covered a single topic and invited readers to contact BakerRisk or explore additional educational information. For example, the “5 Myths About BESS” blog explored common misconceptions held by laypeople about battery energy storage systems and lithium-ion batteries. Our team members worked in conjunction with the subject experts at BakerRisk to ensure blog content was not only simple and easy to digest but also accurate.

The Results

Graphic illustrating the success within the BakerRisk campaign at increasing clicks and impressions quarter over quarter.

Adding a robust collection of informative blogs to BakerRisk’s site immediately infused their online presence with more value and search engine relevance. Higher organic traffic, with search impressions and increased user engagement on the website, followed the first series of posts. For instance, in Q3 2023, clicks for blogs and news pages increased by 42% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), while organic search impressions for the same kinds of pages increased by 27% QoQ.

The blogs did a stellar job of funneling web traffic throughout the rest of the BakerRisk site. By the same quarter, page views from organic traffic were up by a whopping 48.5%! In particular, the “5 Myths About BESS” blog saw excellent engagement improvements:

  • Organic sessions increased 76% from 311 to 549 sessions from Q2 2023 to Q3 2023
  • Organic new users increased 81% from 281 to 508 new users from Q2 2023 to Q3 2023
  • 61% increase in impressions
  • 78% increase in clicks

High-quality blogs are invaluable digital assets in part because they enhance a website’s value or SEO weight. Put another way, the blogs we’ve written for BakerRisk over the past two years will continue to pay dividends in organic search traffic and lead generation for years to come.

Ultimately, the BakerRisk blog campaign was – and continues to be – a success in every way.

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