Why You Should Post Your Employees on Social Media

Do you have great employees that you’re proud of? Do you want to build a sense of company pride? Ready to get ten times the engagement across your social media channels? Post your employees to achieve all of these goals! Highlighting your employees on social media is a great way to increase reach, humanize your brand, and make your employees feel valued.


Increase your reach

When posting your employees on social media, you’re likely going to see a major increase in your engagement numbers. This is really a win-win for both the employee and your company. We call this engagement the snowball effect. All it takes is one tag in your caption for the post to be spread to the employee’s connections and then their connections’ connections! An endless amount of reach once audience members start interacting with your piece of content.

Humanize your brand

Emotional branding is becoming more important than ever. Take advantage of this by spotlighting your employees for their accomplishments, hard work, leadership, collaboration, and more. You can also consider using employee takeovers of social media accounts to feature Q&A sessions or behind-the-scenes videos from different employees. All these tactics will humanize your brand and better connect you with customers. This is also a great way to support your recruitment efforts. If someone is looking for a position at your company, they are likely to check out your social pages. What would someone say about your company culture after browsing your content?

Make your employees feel valued

Not only will sharing your employees on your social media pages increase engagement and build brand personality, but it will also, more importantly, create a sense of company pride for your employees! Whether it’s sharing the employee of the month, highlighting someone’s recent certifications, or just an appreciation post, publicly praising your employees will help make them feel valued.

In conclusion, developing employee-focused content can be a great way to grow your company’s engagement, personality, and pride. Interested in what some of those posts would look like? Check out Infinity’s social pages today for a glimpse at how we make our company culture stronger through social media.

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