Why You Need Competitive SEO Reports

Competitive SEO reports provide a powerful look into the web content strategy of your competition. They provide valuable insight into where you’re losing to them, where you’re winning against them, and where you’re all missing valuable search keywords. Using this knowledge, you can craft a strategy to move valuable keywords into competitive positions and win more organic searches in the SERPs.

Here are three reasons why you should be running these reports monthly.

Competitive Insight


Competitive insight starts with a keyword gap report. This is the first place our strategists look for keyword opportunities against the competition. 

SEO Competitive Reports | Infinity Marketing

We get to see where a site is losing, where a site is winning, and the valuable keywords that have been missing in the competitive space but are still being used by people looking for the goods or services related to the site’s content.

In this Semrush report, you can see how we can easily shift between tabs to see all of this keyword information and begin to draft a strategy around the words that are important to the site, but lagging behind in the results.

SEO Competitive Reports Keyword Details | Infinity Marketing

Follow the Trends


You should also be using Google Trends and compare its report to the “Missing” category of the Semrush Keyword Detail report to see if there’s any relevance to your audience and your geographic location. Local is vital to search significance and your audience, so hyper-focusing on location-related search can provide a boost in your organic keyword volume and positioning.

Google Trends Location View

Stay Ahead


SEO is not a single execution, it’s an ongoing strategic process to ensure your site is the answer to someone’s search. 

Planning and creating a content schedule based on the data in your competitive reports will provide a lasting strategy and practically endless stream of ideas to move your content to the top of your competitive search space. 

Learn more about creating a content schedule here: How to Create a Content Plan


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