When to Review Your SEO Checklist

Your SEO is vital to your success. How often should you review your core SEO checklist? Are you sure you’re paying attention to the most recent Google changes?

SEO comes in three main categories: 

  • On-page – The changes within your content you can control
  • Off-page – The changes you can implement that impact your SEO that are not on your website
  • Technical – The HTML, schema, server, and domain settings that impact your SEO

How often should you be checking on each for your site to have the search results you want?


Review Your On-Page SEO Checklist Before You Publish Content

On-Page SEO

This rule includes any of your blog posts, case studies, new pages, landing pages, and updates to existing content within your site.

Reviewing this checklist will keep your content flow consistent and the repetition in your formula will help to decrease the amount of time you spend in the SEO of your posts.


Review your On-Page SEO Checklist Monthly


Off-Page SEO


The items you should be reviewing monthly include:

  • Toxic backlinks
  • Broken external link report
  • Review your backlink strategy 
  • Identify new possible backlink sites for link building


Review Your Technical SEO Checklist Quarterly



You should also set up a Google alert and create a Twitter list with some notable SEO sources to stay current with upcoming changes that will impact your site’s SERP ranking.

The easiest way to identify technical changes to implement quarterly is by running a technical audit for your site. 

Here’s a list from our platform partner Semrush explaining every step in the audit process: https://www.semrush.com/blog/seo-audit/

Semrush How to Run an SEO Audit


Request a Web Health Assessment

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