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When to Add a New Social Media Network to Your Mix

When it comes to developing a social media strategy for your business, the options can be a bit overwhelming. You may have a good thing going on Facebook, but you could be missing opportunities on other platforms out there. Here are a few ways for you to know when it’s time to add a new social media network to your marketing mix.


1. Your current audience is tapped out

If your business is only posting on one platform, you may notice a decrease in engagement and not as many impressions over time. This could indicate that you have reached the maximum number in your potential audience on this specific platform, and it may be time to explore other places to share your content.


2. Your company culture aligns with trends on multiple platforms

What’s appropriate for TikTok (dancing, challenges, life hacks) does not always translate well to a more business-focused LinkedIn. However, if the content your company produces is best served on multiple platforms and can easily be cross-promoted, you may want to consider adding another network to your mix so you can connect with a new audience.


3. An emerging platform’s biggest audience aligns with yours

Go where the people are! If you’re a small business looking for a shopping-centric audience, your best bet is to create an Instagram account and set up a shop directly in the app so customers can purchase your products with ease. Get to work on developing a content plan in the spaces that you know your target audience is spending most of their time.


If you don’t already, schedule some time with your team to assess your social media strategy platform on a regular basis — you may just find a fresh new method to reach your target audience!


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