When Should You Add More Content to Your Website?

Content is key to your success. More content will provide opportunities to connect with a new audience or create more touches with customers that haven’t made a purchase or completed a contact form.

If you have your content plan in place, you’ll already have a calendar built out that challenges you to have a regular stream of content for your customers, subscribers, and followers. 

If you’re struggling to fill your calendar, here are three tips to increase your content output.


Review the Amount of Content You’re Producing 

If you’re posting once a week, you may have time for more. If you’re posting daily, what do your metrics tell you? Are you seeing diminishing returns? Or are you seeing positive keyword growth, more traffic, and more goal conversions? 

The goal here is to find the right mix of quality content and your time commitment to be able to create blogs or posts. 


Review Your Topics

Think about your marketing funnel. There is value to creating and updating existing content at every phase of the funnel. 

Write content for people that don’t know who you are or the services you provide in the awareness set.

Add content for those in consideration by providing a deeper knowledge about your brand and your competitive advantage while tracking email signups and packet downloads. 

ABC — Always Be Closing. Are you testing your CTAs for the readers ready to make a decision?

This is a great opportunity to review existing content and add or update your closing call-to-action to make sure there is an easy path from passive reader to active customer. 

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Not Every Blog Needs to be 2,000 Words

As you adjust your output to what you can handle, remember that each blog post doesn’t have to be long. Have a quick thought you want to share? Use it! Keep it short and hit the highlights. 

Have a very thorough case study you want to craft? Go for it and think about shifting it into a whitepaper that readers can download. 

The important part of adding content to your website is to keep creating, keep publishing, and keep using data to inform your decisions. Analytics will let you know if you’re tapping out your audience or if you’re leaving sales on the table due to untapped content.


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