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When is it Time for a Brand Refresh?

Your brand identity is one of the most impactful ways to communicate your brand’s core values: who you are, what you do, and how you do it. If you can do this well then you have mastered one of the greatest tools to tell your brand’s story. A good brand identity gives off a good brand experience. This is a crucial part of how consumers will take to your brand. It’s important to regularly check your identity to see if it’s accomplishing what you want it to or not. So how do you know if it’s time to consider a brand makeover? Here are a few red flags to look out for.

1. Your brand’s logo isn’t adaptable

We live in a digital-based world where the majority of brands live online. The internet has delivered an entirely new way of branding. An example of determining if your logo is adaptable would be to place it on a variety of tactics, such as a banner ad, website homepage, and social graphic. Does your logo come off as overly detailed or too long? Does it sit properly alongside the other imagery or graphic assets? Ideally, your logo should come off as clean, simple, and translate sharp at any resolution.


2. Your brand design trumps your brand experience

While a beautiful design sometimes takes the lead in a brand refresh, it’s important to keep in mind that your audience members will be most impressed by the experience they have more than anything else. If your modernized app is glitchy or your sleek new website is nearly impossible to navigate, potential clients of yours are likely closing the tab and searching for a better experience. Try viewing your brand as a new customer would. Break it down. What would you gather from viewing your brand at first glance? Would your brand’s message or core values shine through?

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3. Your brand messaging isn’t working

Telling your brand’s story is extremely important, but is it a clear and consistent one? What is your brand’s purpose, vision, mission, and values? Connecting with your consumers is important to building a strong loyal following. Take time to dissect what the core of your brand is and stay true to that throughout your brand’s lifetime or season.


4. Your brand is visually inconsistent

Try this: open your brand’s website, social channels, and a traditional piece of media all at the same time. Do you see consistent visuals across the different platforms? Again, try viewing these platforms as a first-time viewer. Would you be able to recognize that they all come from the same brand? If you’re seeing some dissimilarities, it’s time to reevaluate your identity. Develop comprehensive visuals that support you in creating solid content across all mediums.

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5. Your brand identity looks like your competition

If you find yourself losing traction in your market, but nothing has changed within your company, then consider your branding could have a role in that. While staying unique to some is a simple task, others might struggle to find distinction in certain industries. Sprucing up your brand so that you can stand out against your competitors can look like adding a bold color palette, adopting a new logo, developing a different voice, or tweaking your slogan. Find what sets you apart and execute.


6. Your brand doesn’t reflect your values

A solid brand is built on solid core values. If for some reason you find yourself drifting away from once firmly established core values, or maybe your brand never even had core values established at all, get to the drawing board quick because it’s time to revisit those old core values or set some in place. Once you have assessed or reassessed your purpose, vision, mission, and values, this should then shine through and be communicated to consumers effectively. Your brand should seamlessly articulate these established core values throughout your products and/or services.

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Now that you have completely evaluated your brand’s identity, you’re probably ready to get started on polishing up your brand. Take the time you need to help get your brand to its full potential. If you’re interested in working with a group of branding experts, contact our team today! We would be more than happy to have a conversation and answer any questions you have.

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