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What You Should Know About Web Design at Infinity

Since its founding in 1993, Infinity has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of size, scope, and vision. Equipped with its own production studio and in-house design team, the agency continually raises the bar for its client work. Web design is one facet of the creative and production department that has grown tenfold.

In order to understand more about web design as an industry and how it factors into Infinity’s services, we caught up with Lee Campbell, Infinity’s digital creative designer.

Can you share some current industry trends?

LC: Both gradients and deeper shadows are popular right now for giving depth and visual interest. We are currently coming out of a trend of flat design in favor of a hybrid of flat and skeuomorphic design.

Code is also being used to create more and more interactive elements to make the web feel increasingly real and responsive, as well as making the user feel more involved. Previously, coding constraints prevented designers from creating unique, differentiated websites.

JavaScript libraries now exist where designers can build from, and improve upon, existing code instead of having to write everything from scratch. It is a daily task for us to constantly look for the latest approaches and achievements in web design so we can implement them in our work for clients.

What about web design do you find the most challenging? The most rewarding?

LC: The speed is challenging. There’s literally a new code library and a new trend every week, and unless you are completely plugged in, you’ll be left behind. However, we can impact so many different businesses daily across a wide range of projects and client verticals at their primary customer touch point. Most people’s first interaction with a company is through its website, and that’s big.

How have Infinity’s web design services grown over the past year?

LC: We’re constantly growing and evolving as a team. When you compare what we had in our portfolio a few years ago to what we have now, it’s astounding.

Do you have any predictions on how the web design industry will trend in the future?

LC: Visual predications aren’t easy to predict, but I would say we could expect web design and development integration into more industries, and with that, the bar being raised on what’s possible in terms of interactivity.

The health care industry is a big market beginning to dive into the digital world. I think the more they do this, the more we’re going to learn about curing disease, taking care of our own bodies, etc. Huge corporations like IBM are exploding in size as a result of industry trends. In 2012, the hiring ratio was one designer for every 72 engineers. Now the ratio is 1:8.

Gone are the days when you had to physically travel to explore a new business or wait for customer service to answer your call. Web design has enabled many business owners to give users a holistic view of their business’s offerings and an overall feel for their company, which greatly influences their target consumer’s perception. Our team, as well as the rest of the web design world, is gearing up and excited for the many great changes the future holds for the industry.

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