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3 Things You Need to Know About the Google Page Experience Update

This year, Google is implementing a big change to the search algorithm called the Google Page Experience Update. Here’s what we know so far.

This year, Google is implementing a big change to the search algorithm called the Google Page Experience Update. The good news for companies preparing their sites for this new change is that Google has pushed back the update from May to later this summer. 

Google is synonymous with search to the point where it became a verb. Rarely do we say or ask others to search for something online; we ask them to Google something or say “just Google it.” Google sets the rules and sets the pace for websites on how to maintain their search rankings through thousands of SEO indicators, and Google occasionally makes large changes to which of those SEO indicators matter most.

Here are three ways to prepare your site for this new update before the summer.

1. Your Site Must Be Mobile-Friendly 

To make sure your site is mobile-friendly, Google offers a couple of must-have tools for you to easily test any site. Google Lighthouse will give you a technical review of some key factors along with a speed report. Speed will be key in mobile friendliness and to your bottom line as a delay of one second in loading time can decrease conversions by 70%.

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Key tools to identify if your site is mobile-friendly:

Google Lighthouse

Checkbot Chrome Extension

Google Mobile-Friendly Test


2. Safe Browsing and Server Security

Security and data protection are vital for developing trust with users and browsers. Have you ever visited a website and received a “this site is not secure” message? Chances are you weren’t interested enough to continue on and changed your search for a secure site.

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To be certain your site is secure, you’ll need an SSL certificate, or you can begin to adopt the newer security standard of a TLS certificate. Either way, site upgrades must be made to get your site to an HTTPS domain, or you’ll be in danger of costing your site traffic.

Key tools to help ensure your site is secure:

Google Lighthouse

Checkbot Chrome Extension


3. Content is Vital

Content is how people find you, why they remember you, and what they use to share what they learned from you.

Find your sweet spot for content — blogs, videos, podcasts, and guest posts are all essential for SEO in 2021. Content is easier to create than ever before, but most companies only focus on a singular outlet. Mixing a blog with social posts, a quick video, or a podcast can enhance your core on-page and off-page SEO, generating positive “follow” link backs and boosting your domain authority score.

Key tools to research content topics and optimize your content for SEO:


Spark Content Optimizer Plugin

There’s a lot left to understand about the Google Page Experience Update. As it rolls out, SEOs will be working to identify all the changes and how these may be impacting specific business categories and more.

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