What Small Business Owners Need to Know About the Facebook Papers

Facebook is a hot topic in the news cycle, with Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen continuing to testify about the practices, impact, and algorithms the company uses to craft your newsfeed.

What should business owners take away from the Facebook Papers coming out of the internal leaks?

Always diversify your platforms.

This is key. If you are prioritizing Facebook alone for organic and paid ads, what’s your plan if there’s a change on the platform that drastically reduces your reach or ad effectiveness? Utilizing Instagram is important, but it’s also part of the Facebook family.

Pinterest can be great for your SEO, Twitter for customer service, and Google My Business for review management.

Influencer marketing continues to show significant gains for organic and sponsored content-driven traffic across TikTok and personal blog sites.

You must diversify beyond the Facebook universe of social outreach.

Here are a few case studies on how we helped clients diversity their outreach platforms:

Here’s more about the Facebook Papers document release:


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